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“A lot of people are starting to realize that the quality of life in Illinois is pretty poor,” ……….. ‘And there’s only one way the taxes can go, and that’s up.”

Those who have fled the state, taking their businesses and workers with them, are not looking back.

“I have no regrets about the move,” …… My only regret is for those who couldn’t make the transition with us.”

“As in many states in the Northeast, residents can expect to lose a hefty chunk of their wealth to high income and sales tax

Illinois managed to lose an estimated 33,703 people, a 0.3 percent decrease, during the same time Pennsylvania’s population grew.

Get out of Illinois was started by Jeff and Angela Kirsch. After living in the Chicagoland area all of their lives, they moved out of Illinois in 2013. They started this grassroots campaign to help people with relocation advice, support, and real estate services. Jeff and Angela live just outside Charlotte, North Carolina with their 2 young children. Jeff Kirsch is in the medical industry and Angela is a successful realtor in the Charlotte area. They enjoy low taxes, great schools, and better quality of life and want to help others do the same.